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Awhile ago I said I would make a post about the movies I saw and whatnot..

We recently got a theatre in the area so I have seen quiite a few movies.

Yesterday I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. It was an okay movie. Lots of interesting facts but nothing real exciting. But if I was American I would have a whole different view on it. 7\10

Shrek 2 - Actually a very decent movie. I was impressed. Normally I would never see a movie like that, but I am glad I did. 8/10

Van Helsing - Okay movie. But not that great. There was a hot girl which kept my attention :P 6\10

Troy - I am not into the whole mythological thing, but this was a pretty good movie. Long yet enjoyable 8\10

Walking Tall - I really enjoyed this movie. Good story line..Good action scenes. good everything. And another hot girl to keep my attention. 9\10

I know I've seen more but thats all I can think of.

I have also been renting a lot of movies as usual.

Paycheck, The Perfect Score, Along Came Polly, 50 First Dates, Scary Movie 3.....and lots of other stuff.

yep...well thats it :)
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